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The 11th Circuit recently released its long-awaited opinion in FTC v. LabMD. Anyone monitoring data privacy regulation in America has been waiting for this opinion to help corporations understand their obligations under US privacy regulation. 

This article originally appeared in Medical News on June 27, 2018.  

There is a recent trend of physician practices partnering with private equity firms (PE Firms) as hospitals and other large health systems have curtailed their acquisition of physician practices.

Recent events involving the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia should give everyone pause.

A short summary. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the President’s Press Secretary, came to the Red Hen for dinner with her family on Friday, June 22nd.  Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen, asked Mrs. Sanders to leave after the Red Hen’s staff said they felt uncomfortable having Sanders in the restaurant.  The Sanders family complied and went elsewhere.

With the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair just around the corner, Bingham Greenebaum Doll summer associates sat down with BGD attorneys for their own version of "Ask An Attorney Anything." See their responses below.

Notre Dame Law School alums Michael Mercurio, Keith Bice and Mark Molter talk about life under the Golden Dome and how it prepared them for life at BGD ahead of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair. 

Just in time for the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair, Leslie Smith talks about how to succeed once you’ve found the job of your dreams.

The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair is August 6th-7th at the Hilton Indianapolis, and a big part of finding the right job is finding the right culture fit for you. BGD’s Janeia Brounson and Shannon Williams sat down to discuss the importance of finding the right culture on your job hunt.

There is no shortage of IU attorneys at BGD! IU McKinney alum Ali Bartlett Miranda and IU Maurer alum Alex Gude talk about their experiences at their alma-maters and their transition into big law ahead of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

There are many components that go into hiring an applicant. At the heart of many of those decisions is the BGD Recruiting Committee. Recruiting Committee Co-Chairs Melissa Norman Bork and Meg Christensen talk about what they think makes the best applicant for a job at a law firm ahead of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

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Use of a Pay on Death (“POD”) beneficiary designation is often touted as a way to simplify transfers of assets at your death.  If a bank account or CD is put in the name of “Father POD Son,” then the asset will transfer automatically to Son at the death of Father.



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