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The sands in the Arabian desert are constantly shifting. The one constant in Arabia for centuries is trade. Today, commerce remains at the fore front of the economies of virtually all of the countries in Arabia. Americans, however, have an image of Arabia that comes from the movies or the reports of the war in Iraq and essentially overlooks a bustling economy that exists in the region. As with all trading partners it is important to understand the dynamics of the countries and companies, as well as the individuals that you deal with in completing transactions.

Often times when a foreign company hears the word “bankruptcy,” a great fear overcomes them.

The initial impulse is to ignore bankruptcy concerns and hope it will go away because of the challenges American bankruptcies can present. However, there are significant opportunities for foreign companies to participate in the chapter 11 reorganization processes in the United States if the company is a creditor, supplier or contract holder with the debtor. Further, even foreign companies that had no direct involvement with the U.S. company prior to the bankruptcy still have opportunities to participate in the reorganization.



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