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Posts from August 2006.

 Whether you are an owner, contractor, engineer, design professional or consultant, every party to a construction project should do at least the following three things to enhance the chances of a successful project, and to avoid, or be well prepared for, possible litigation.

1. Thoroughly review the bid specification and contract requirements
Typically, every construction ...

On July 19, a Tennessee federal court awarded summary judgment to an employer being sued for racial harassment, based on recurring incidents of racial graffiti appearing in the men’s bathroom. Because the alleged graffiti artist was a co-worker of the plaintiff, rather than a supervisor, the court noted that the company, Dacco, Inc., could only be held liable if it knew about the ...

After losing 12 cases in a row, the IRS has finally conceded that it will refund a telephone tax which was originally enacted to finance the Spanish-American War – over 100 years ago.

Subsequent to entering into the FSA, Rod entered into an agreement with the bank in 1997 whereby the bank agreed to purchase its stock that Rod inherited from Pearl for $217.50 per share plus a 4% per year increase in the price after 1998. After Pearl’s death, Rod sold the stock to the bank for $1.5 million pursuant to this agreement.



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