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Posts from January 2007.

On January 19, a Utah District Court issued a ruling in an ERISA case brought by an employee denied coverage under his employer’s long-term disability plan, after it was discovered that he had not correctly completed the plan’s enrollment forms within the enrollment period.

The plaintiff, Scott Atwood, began working for Swire Coca-Cola USA (a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Salt Lake ...

We’ve all heard them -- life lessons communicated through old, common-sense tales – yes, their wisdom even translates to taxes.

On January 10, the NLRB announced that it will hear oral argument in a case that raises the issue of whether employees may use their employer’s communications systems (e-mail, web pages, etc.) to advance union organizing efforts and engage in other protected concerted activities. The oral argument is scheduled for March 27. The underlying case involves an unfair labor practice ...



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