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Posts from November 2008.

Hiring and firing decisions are becoming increasingly important to, and complicated for, employers. These actions generally involve some risk of litigation, even under the best of circumstances. All supervisors, not just high-ranking managers, must be trained to implement basic safeguards to minimize potential liability.


Numerous federal and state statutes and regulations ...

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson recently announced terms for private bank participation in Treasury’s capital purchase program (the “CPP”). Private bank applications under the CPP are due on December 8, 2008. Among the key features of the CPP for private banks (“Private Bank Program”) are the following terms.

  • Amount of Equity; Eligible Institutions. Eligible ...

The Jefferson Circuit Court recently held in an appeal from the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals that an affiliated group of businesses filing a Kentucky consolidated tax return may take the position that their out-of-state subsidiaries should not be included in the return.


Greenebaum represented AT&T in AT&T Corp. v. Department of Revenue, in which the Jefferson Circuit Court held that ...



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