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Owning a business involves a certain amount of risk. A dispute with a customer or contractor may require you to seek legal counsel. But protecting yourself and your business can start with how your contracts are written. Knowing when and why to use an arbitration clause in a contract can help you make savvy contracting choices, regardless of your industry.

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On June 28, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Bilski v. Kappos case. The Supreme Court held that Mr. Bilski's purported invention, a mathematical formula used to manage risk in hedge funds, is not patentable because it attempts to cover an abstract idea. The Court did, however, determine that business methods can, under certain circumstances, be eligible for patent protection under the Federal Patent Act.

The Kentucky CPA Journal / Issue 4 2010Tax in the Bluegrass

August 2010

Although the 2010 Kentucky General Assembly flirted with the idea of imposing sales tax on services, 2010 has (so far) been a year of few significant legislative changes.  There are, however, many Kentucky tax cases winding their way through the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals (KBTA) and the Kentucky Courts.  Following is an update on select cases of particular interest. 



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