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Does your business use independent contractors? You may run the risk of potentially significant assessments in the event of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employment tax audit. We have found that reclassification of independent contractors to employees is often the primary focus of IRS employment tax audits. The IRS has developed the new Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP) to help businesses address this issue.

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I recently authored an article for The Indiana Lawyer regarding an Indiana Court of Appeals decision that could take the wind out of an attorney’s sails if he or she is looking to cash in on trial experiences. A preview is below. Visit The Indiana Lawyer website for the full article.

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With a sales and use tax rate of 7 percent in Indiana, the potential tax savings or cost of a purchase of tangible personal property can be significant, particularly in the case of an acquisition of corporate aircraft, which often cost millions of dollars. The Indiana Department of Revenue recently upheld an assessment of aircraft license tax, use tax, interest and penalties on an aircraft in a Letter of Finding (LOF). The taxpayer at issue in the LOF was a Delaware corporation owned by one member, an individual Indiana resident. When the corporation purchased the aircraft, sales tax was not paid and the corporation did not self-assess use tax on the aircraft. The corporation also did not register the aircraft with the Department or pay the aircraft license tax.

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This past December, partner Jim Reed was interviewed by Judge Hanley on “Off the Bench,” a public access television show from the Marion Superior Court highlighting legal professionals and issues in Indiana.  Reed was invited to discuss premarital agreements and how establishing a game plan before marriage is the best course of action for couples.  To watch the full episode, click here.  Reed’s segment on the show begins at 16:30.

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Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP is proud to be the Community Conversations sponsor for post-show discussions for the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of Radio Golf.  The play is August Wilson’s last chapter in The Pittsburgh Cycle and final play written before his death. It centers on Harmond Wilks and Roosevelt Hicks, two prominent African American men in Pittsburgh trying to better their position in life. Wilks inherits a real estate agency from his parents, and with the help of Hicks, moves to redevelop a historic black neighborhood. However, complications arise that put a halt on the construction, as well as Wilks’ willingness to destroy part of his heritage.

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As we enter a new year, many of us will turn our attention to the relationships in our lives, bringing a renewed commitment to investing the time, attention, honesty, and love required to keep those relationships deep and strong. 

Unfortunately, however, also with each new year, a certain number of relationships will end in divorce.  In October 2011, I was privileged to be one of only two ...

February 8, 2012     The Penn State fiasco has undoubtedly caused great damage in the lives of the alleged victims, to the careers of Penn State athletic staff and university officials, and to the reputation of the university.  Although many facts are not yet clear, it appears that a very bad situation became exponentially worse as a result of problems with the reporting system, failures to report or both. 

On December 25th, Bingham Greenebaum Doll’s Andy Gruber was invited to offer his insight on the year’s top stories for the television program,

Inside Indiana Business hosts the television show, “The INsiders,” which is a forum to discuss topics about Indiana businesses and issues.

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Sonia Chen was recently featured in Indianapolis Woman Magazine for her dedication to her heritage and her community. 

Alternatively: The One Where “Also” Means “In Addition To” In Any Event: Why So Surprised!?

The Indiana Court of Appeals recently awarded three former employees payment for their unused, accrued vacation time to the tune of nearly $70,000. Merry Christmas to them.



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