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Posts from July 2014.
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Modeled after a similar event hosted earlier this year in the firm’s Louisville office, BGD Women’s Forum members hosted an event in Indianapolis on July 23, 2014, entitled “‘Lean In’ or ‘Recline’: How Women Should Reach the Top?”

This week, the National Labor Relations Board’s General Counsel announced that he considered McDonald’s USA, LLC to jointly employ McDonald’s franchisees’ employees. Richard Griffin, who effectively serves as the NLRB’s chief prosecutor, will seek to hold McDonald’s USA liable for its franchisees’ employment practices. In doing so, he is construing the NLRB’s ...

From July 10-20, 2014, several Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorneys participated in the Indiana Black Expo, Inc.’s 44th Summer Celebration, the IBE’s annual signature event showcasing African American culture through festivals, exhibits, workshops and concerts.

Earlier this month, the EEOC issued its Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination and Related Issues, along with a Q&A document about the guidance and a Fact Sheet for Small Businesses. The EEOC last issued guidance on pregnancy discrimination and related issues in 1983 – over 30 years ago.

What’s Changed?
A few things have changed since that time, including the EEOC’s ...

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In this month’s Louisville Business First Legal Forum Column, BGD partner Ross D. Cohen discusses how nonprofit organizations can qualify as tax exempt. He also explains the difference between “nonprofit” and “tax exempt.” Read his advice below and don’t miss our monthly legal forum column in Louisville Business First.

How can my nonprofit organization qualify ...

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Are you aware that the age 50 and older divorce rate is the fastest growing segment of divorce filings? Not surprisingly, Baby Boomers are a significant part of that demographic.

Peter Dunn, host of “The Pete the Planner Radio Show,” and I discussed several unique circumstances that exist with Baby Boomers divorcing during a recent “Pete the Planner” segment on WIBC. I also ...

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The Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Women’s Forum furnished and prepared an apartment at Coburn Place Safe Haven for a new family. Members of the Forum helped prepare the apartment for a family of five -- a mother and her four children.

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The Kentucky Legislature recently enacted, and Governor Beshear signed, House Bill 78 (HB 78) (“Kentucky Uniform Trust Code” or “KUTC”), which makes sweeping changes to various Kentucky statutes relating to the creation and administration of trusts in Kentucky. The KUTC contains a number of innovative provisions and also codifies a variety of common law principles found in the trust and estates area of the law. HB 78 was modeled after the Uniform Trust Code, a version of which is currently adopted in 28 states.

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Not many people know that I crashed my first commercial airliner when I was eleven years old. Thankfully, it was only a simulation. My father is a pilot, and when I was in middle school and most adamantly wanted to be like him, I participated in a week-long summer aviation camp. Undeniably, the highlight of the week was the chance to go to a flight training center and (attempt to) navigate a jet through takeoff and landing via the flight simulator. Even now that I am training to become a lawyer rather than a pilot, it fascinates me how something so large and cumbersome can possibly lift off the ground. And now, after an incredible day with BGD for the Indy Signature Event, I have also begun to appreciate the marvel that is how racecars can possibly stay on the ground.



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