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Posts from January 2015.
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In this month’s Louisville Business First Legal Forum Column, BGD attorney April A. Wimberg discusses what companies can do to reduce their liability in the case of an electronic data breach. Read her advice below and don’t miss our monthly Legal Forum Column in Louisville Business First!

How can I decrease my company’s electronic data breach liability?


Planning ...

As many employers know by now, the National Labor Relations Board recently created two new rules regarding employee emails. These new rules, which are making employers’ lives significantly more difficult, are yet another effort by the NLRB to help labor unions organize new workforces. Although the rules impose even more obligations on employers, there are steps they can take to ...

Posted in Litigation

There is no doubt that electronic data breaches are a hot topic. The recent breach of Morgan Stanley’s customer data is a prime example and chilling reminder that businesses, no matter the amount of security measures, are at risk of an electronic data breach. Indeed, as nearly every state has passed its own set of unique electronic data breach laws, electronic data breaches are ...



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