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Posts from March 2016.
Posted in Litigation

In a case watched closely by private colleges and universities in Indiana, the Indiana Court of Appeals on March 15 reversed the St. Joseph Superior Court and ruled that the Notre Dame Police Department is a “law enforcement agency” as that term is defined in Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act (“APRA”). The Court thus held that police records sought repeatedly by ESPN from ...

Posted in Estate Planning

The generational transfer of wealth is a complex issue facing many high net worth individuals that requires meticulous planning and the balancing of competing interests. On one hand, wealthy individuals desire to protect their wealth and reduce transfer taxes to the greatest degree possible. On the other, these same individuals are understandably reluctant to cede present control ...

Posted in Real Estate

In the new Legal Forum Column, BGD partner Tandy C. Patrick discussed shopping center dynamics. Read her advice below and don’t miss our monthly Legal Forum Column in Louisville Business First.

Can medical/office tenants and retail coexist in the same shopping center harmoniously?

In today’s changing world where online shopping continues to challenge ...

What would you consider the three biggest issues facing water utilities and their leaders today?

Take ordinary Facebooking, the 2016 presidential election, and the impending start of March Madness; add in a dose of warmer weather with spring break right around the corner and a deluge of technology, and employers everywhere have a serious case of the “productivity blues.”

There has been a momentous development in water: the presence of a $267 million federal budget request from President Obama targeted to water initiatives. BGD attorney David T. McGimpsey discusses this major development with “The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water” author and reporter Charles Fishman in his latest The Water Values Podcast episode, which you can stream online here (free).

Posted in Litigation

In many cases, defendants facing class actions where the plaintiffs’ damages are statutorily prescribed have been able to derail the class action by offering the named plaintiff the full amount of statutory damages that plaintiff could recover on his or her “best day in court” by way of an Offer of Judgment under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68. The offer must have been made ...

Posted in Tax and Finance

With the exception of a snow day or two, most of us venture outside the comfort of our homes for work each day. But for a growing number of Americans, home isn’t just where the heart is: it’s where the office is, too. The United States Census Bureau reports that 13.4 million people worked from home at least one day per week in 2010—a 35 percent increase from 1997. As improvements in ...

There are many issues surrounding water reuse and recycling, and several water-related technologies being developed at the edge of the next frontier of water technology. BGD attorney David T. McGimpsey discusses water reuse and other challenges in the water industry with GE Water’s Jon Freedman in his latest The Water Values Podcast episode, which you can stream online here (free).



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