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Posts from April 2016.
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According to the American Bar Association, from 2000 through 2009, the average securities fraud class-action settlement amounted to $25 million. During this period, the average settlement amount nearly quadrupled from $11 million in 2000 to $42 million in 2010. These numbers are but one illustration of the cost of non-compliance with securities law on a company’s bottom line.

In ...

On Monday, a federal court of appeals ruled on the latest chapter of the “Deflategate” controversy, issuing a decision that should interest both football fans and employers. The court of appeals reinstated the National Football League’s four-game suspension of Tom Brady for participating in an alleged “scheme to deflate footballs.”  In the process, the court issued a ...

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In the new Legal Forum Column, John S. Lueken discussed several benefits of estate planning with a GRAT. Read his advice below and don’t miss our monthly Legal Forum Column in Louisville Business First.

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Public access to police body camera or dash camera recordings is a hotly contested topic all around the country, and the Indiana General Assembly recently took steps to clarify the scope of law enforcement’s ability to withhold sensitive footage implicating public safety concerns and the public’s right to view or obtain copies of such footage.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel at the American Bar Association’s 34th annual Water Law Conference, which took place in Austin, Texas.

Wage and hour claims are both skyrocketing in number and quickly becoming the largest source of employment-related liability. In 2015, employees filed three times as many wage and hour actions as they had just a few years earlier. These claims have cost employers significantly, with the average wage and hour case settling for $5.3 million. Given the complexity of wage and hour laws, and ...

Ambient Water CEO, Keith White, joins The Water Values Podcast for a fantastic discussion about Ambient Water’s unique distributed water solution.

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I am a member of the Leadership Lexington Class of 2015-16, a leadership development program based in Lexington, Kentucky. Each year, participants are asked to design and submit ideas for community service or charitable projects. The class members then vote on the projects they feel are most worthy, and the top four selected projects move forward for implementation during the course of the year. For each of the four chosen, the project’s original designer serves as head of their venture and is given a team made up of other members of the class to assist.



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