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Posts from June 2017.
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In response to a flood of IRS Private Letter Ruling requests to extend the time for making the gift and estate tax exemption portability election for the estate of the first spouse to die, the IRS has issued Revenue Procedure 2017-34 granting limited relief on a blanket basis.

On June 7, 2017, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued the following press release that withdrew previously issued “informal guidance” regarding independent contractors and joint employment:

Posted in Estate Planning

Kentuckian John G. Stoll was, among other things, a well-regarded philanthropist and the former owner of the Lexington Herald Newspaper. When he died in 1959, he left behind a significant fortune, and dozens of heirs. By 2013, approximately 55 years after Mr. Stoll’s death, the two trusts he settled for his heirs were valued at over $100 million, and had 151 beneficiaries.



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