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A Day in the Life of a High School Principal
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I recently had the opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone and into a role that I’m not as familiar with. Jasper High School operates a program called Principal for a Day, which allows business and community leaders to serve as the school’s principal for a day. On Wednesday, Dec.12, it was my turn to step into the shoes of real principal, Brian Wilson.

I started off the morning at JHS by giving the morning announcements and attending a progress meeting dealing with the gymnasium construction. Throughout the day I was able to speak with the senior class, conference with individual students about an upcoming biology test and get them involved in a contest I put together specifically for the day. The students were to submit names of other students they had witnessed performing random acts of kindness for the contest. At the end of the day, we announced a winner from the submitted names to win a festive prize - a Christmas stocking full of candy that I provided.

I myself graduated from JHS and have had two children graduate from the high school. I realize the importance of students being involved with the community, as the school population reflects the community as a whole.  These types of programs create relationships and enlighten students with different perspectives, and I think that is something that is very important for high school students.

During my time as principal, I gained new insight into the successful and challenging programs at Jasper High School through interacting with the students. I think these types of programs can introduce business leaders as role models for the students and can prove to be effective parts of educating the students in our community. The Principal for a Day program has made me further realize the importance of programs like this one in public schools. I’m always happy to stay involved with my alma mater in various ways and to see the great influence JHS students, teachers and staff have on our community.

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