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    Brian has 30 plus years of experience representing business and government clients in complex disputes. His experience includes a broad spectrum of businesses, their officers, directors and shareholders. He also regularly ...

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On Jan. 20, 2016, the Indiana Supreme Court issued an Order establishing the Indiana Commercial Court Pilot Project, and on April 27, 2016, the Court adopted Interim Rules for the administrative handling of cases. Citing “legal consistency” at the time it published Interim Rules, the Supreme Court indicated its view that establishing commercial courts in Indiana ...

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In a case watched closely by private colleges and universities in Indiana, the Indiana Court of Appeals on March 15 reversed the St. Joseph Superior Court and ruled that the Notre Dame Police Department is a “law enforcement agency” as that term is defined in Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act (“APRA”). The Court thus held that police records sought repeatedly by ESPN from ...

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It’s hard to overstate the damage done by Rolling Stone’s failure to pass almost every test of journalistic competence in publishing its article “A Rape on Campus” about the alleged rape of a female student at the University of Virginia.



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