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    Posts by Grantland Clapacs

    Grant is the chair of the firm’s Real Estate Litigation Team. He concentrates his practice on representing clients in real estate and construction matters, including contract disputes, mortgage foreclosures, mechanic’s ...

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Mechanic’s lien claimants need to know how the priority of their liens relate to the priority of mortgages and other mechanic’s liens that may be recorded against the same piece of real estate.

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Real Property Sales by Receivers: The differences between Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

The sale of real estate in foreclosure actions by receivers is handled differently from state to state. With Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana all upholding different laws about the subject, what do you need know about the differences?

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Given the current economic climate, Indiana attorneys practicing in the areas of real estate and construction law have likely been faced with an increasing number of questions regarding foreclosures. For most clients on the creditor side, the bottom line question will be “How do I get paid?” The appropriate response to that question involves an analysis of lien priorities, especially if the particular real estate is encumbered by both a mortgage and a mechanic's lien. These issues are certainly not new under Indiana law, although the law on this issue continues to evolve.



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