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    Jim Reed has concentrated his practice in the legal aspect of relationship transitions of all types since graduating from law school. He has been involved in divorce cases with some of the largest marital estates in Indiana. He ...

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The Indiana Court of Appeals attempted to clarify how stock options are treated in Indiana divorce cases. In Fischer v. Fischer (Jan. 19, 2017; see 45A05-1512-DR-2328), the appellate court reversed the trial court’s inclusion in the marital estate stock options which were not vested on the date the petition for dissolution of marriage was filed, but had vested prior to the final ...

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Is there a developing trend of couples remaining in the same house after the divorce has been filed or even after the divorce is final?

A close loved one has passed away and you are in the midst of the funeral, family gatherings and grieving. 

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Many of my clients are surprised by just how invested they really are in the online world when we discuss estate and wealth planning. It is not just our social network that gets us online; we bank, invest, pay bills, buy and sell items, store our photos and videos, create huge libraries of music, too. Some clients also maintain blogs and websites, both personally and as part of their ...

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The holidays and year-end festivities present that special time to consider generous money gifts for friends, family and those in need; what we don’t often factor in are the tax consequences associated with those gifts.

During my recent appearance on the “Pete the Planner Radio Show” on WIBC, host Peter Dunn and I discussed the legal ramifications of making gifts before 2014 ...

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Are you aware that the age 50 and older divorce rate is the fastest growing segment of divorce filings? Not surprisingly, Baby Boomers are a significant part of that demographic.

Peter Dunn, host of “The Pete the Planner Radio Show,” and I discussed several unique circumstances that exist with Baby Boomers divorcing during a recent “Pete the Planner” segment on WIBC. I also ...

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Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP is pleased to announce that it will sponsor another Indianapolis Repertory Theatre production. Beginning on Jan. 28, the firm will be the production sponsor of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Who Am I This Time? And Other Conundrums of Love” adopted by Aaron Posner.

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I recently was invited back to be a part of Peter Dunn’s “Pete the Planner Show” to talk about how lawyers get paid. I am pleased to be a regular guest on Pete’s show, which airs on WIBC-FM 93.1 on Sundays in Indianapolis from 10 a.m. to noon.

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Same-sex couples, legally married in any jurisdiction that recognizes their marriage, will no longer be left in the dark concerning how the Federal government taxing authorities will treat them following the Windsor decision.  On August 29, 2013, the U.S. Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that legally-married, same-sex couples will be treated as ...

The Menke family marked the 75th anniversary of OFS Brands in 2012. With help from Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, company leaders are taking steps to ensure the future of OFS Brands remains strong for generations to come. Meet OFS Brands President & CEO Hank Menke and Director of Operations Cory Menke along with BGD attorneys William J. Kaiser Jr., Mark H. Oppenheimer and James Reed in the ...



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