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    Margaret E. Hayes is an associate in the firm’s Tax and Employee Benefits department. She has experience in federal, state and local tax areas, and assists with a variety of matters involving tax planning.

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Indiana, in particular the Indianapolis region, is drawing the attention of private equity firms and venture capitalists from around the country.  The city, with a growing industry focus in technology and healthcare, as well as a variety of local start-ups, is well positioned to not only peak the interests of these funding organizations, but to create investment opportunities that will draw in a variety of investors.

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Throughout his campaign, President Donald Trump endorsed an aggressive set of tax proposals that, if enacted, would impact nearly every taxpayer in the United States. Under these proposals, both individuals and businesses would reap the rewards of many potential favorable changes, while others would face increased taxes. The proposals have been adjusted from time to time throughout the campaign and the beginning of the President’s term. The following explores the various tax proposals and early actions of President Trump, which could provide a sneak-peak into the framework of the most comprehensive federal tax reform in more than 30 years.

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The IRS issued new guidance on August 26 revising its annual list of areas in which the IRS will refuse to issue taxpayer letter rulings (so-called “no-rule areas”). At the beginning of each year, the IRS publishes a list of some 125 specific areas, 12 general areas and other matters for which it will not ordinarily issue a private letter ruling (“PLR”) or determination letter to ...



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