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    Posts by Peggy Lyndrup

    Peggy represents numerous publicly and privately held corporations in U.S. and international transactions. She has over 25 years of experience working with manufacturing and service corporations in corporate and commercial ...

A recent report from White House officials states that the pace of economic espionage and trade secret theft against U.S. corporations is increasing. As the federal government seeks to find ways to support the private sector’s ability to prevent the theft of trade secrets, businesses can take actions today that will help to reduce the threat to their valuable proprietary information.

This article is the third in our series of “Selling Your Privately-Owned Business.” In this article, we focus on the time when you are identifying prospective buyers and holding preliminary discussions with one or more buyers. The following three suggestions will help you avoid some of the more common missteps during this critical time.

If you are considering, or may in the future be considering, selling your privately held business, you should be aware of at least the following three things, to enhance the likelihood of maximizing the value you receive in a sale.



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