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    Posts by Scott Leisz

    Scott has over 30 years of experience in litigation and trial practice. He concentrates his practice in the area of business litigation in federal and state trial and appellate courts, including: corporate governance and ...

Is your manufacturing business protected against the loss of confidential information to former employees? Manufacturers can protect their valuable business relationships and confidential information by using non-compete agreements. Contrary to the belief of many business people, non-compete agreements are enforceable and can be a very valuable tool to protect a company's core business. Courts in Indiana generally accept that non-compete agreements can be used for a protectable interest. Good drafting is essential, and with proper preparation, can even enable a court to remove certain requirements which it finds unreasonable while preserving others. Manufacturers need to ensure that their non-compete agreements will not only hold up in court, but will also survive any adjustments a court may find necessary.

During difficult economic times, businesses often face creditor rights and bankruptcy issues. The poor business conditions lead to customers having problems paying, or revealing companies internal problems.

n today’s economic climate, business credit continues to affect the financial strength of businesses across the country. In our previous newsletter, we outlined basic business credit advice. In this issue, we address federal income tax issues that lurk behind any debt restructuring or debt forgiveness that a company may arrange with one or more of its customers.

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