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    Tim is the Managing Partner of the firm's Lexington office. His practice is concentrated in the areas of estate planning, small business planning, asset protection planning, and estate and trust administration.

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In the Matter of Frei Irrevocable Trust dated October 29, 1996, 390 P.3d 646, is a 2017 decision by the Supreme Court of Nevada holding that a beneficiary’s interest in a trust is subject to the claims of his creditors, notwithstanding a trust spendthrift clause, where the beneficiary had a full right of withdrawal with respect to his trust interest. 

On June 9, 2017, the Kentucky Court of Appeals in Wolfe v. Young rendered a significant decision in a probate case by reversing a district court decision and reinstating our client as executor of his father’s estate. The decision was significant for probate law in Kentucky because it clearly distinguished the standard necessary to remove an executor of an estate from the lower standard that applies to the removal of an administrator of an estate. 

Posted in Estate Planning

In response to a flood of IRS Private Letter Ruling requests to extend the time for making the gift and estate tax exemption portability election for the estate of the first spouse to die, the IRS has issued Revenue Procedure 2017-34 granting limited relief on a blanket basis.



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