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Best of Bingham: BGD Women’s Forum Welcomes Family to New Home
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The Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Women’s Forum furnished and prepared an apartment at Coburn Place Safe Haven for a new family. Members of the Forum helped prepare the apartment for a family of five -- a mother and her four children.

Through the hard work of the Women’s Forum, as well as donations from BGD attorneys and staff, the entire apartment was set up with linens, toiletries, art, kitchenware, cleaning supplies and more. The refrigerator and cabinets were stocked with food for the family to start their new life. The family came home to new carpet and fresh paint, thanks to the firm’s apartment sponsorship. 

The BGD Women’s Forum has volunteered for Coburn Place for several years. We hope that the mother and her children feel safe and at home in their new apartment so they can begin to rebuild their lives. We look forward to continuing our work with the Coburn Place in the future. 

About Coburn Place Safe Haven

Located in Indianapolis, Coburn Place provides domestic abuse victims with time, housing, counseling and support to help survivors become self-sufficient and break the cycle of violence. Residents are provided safe and affordable housing for up to two years; Coburn Place is the only program that offers on-site individual apartments with private kitchens and bathrooms in central Indiana. 

BGD Women's Forum provided bedding, linens and decor for the bedroom of two young boys of the family who will move into their new home at Coburn Place Safe Haven. 

BGD Women's Forum decorated an apartment at Coburn Place Save Haven for a mother and her four children.

The Best of Bingham is a series of posts by the Bingham Greenebaum Doll Women’s Forum recognizing the professional and community successes of our members, our colleagues and our clients.

To learn more about Coburn Place Safe Haven, please visit their website. 



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