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BGD Diversity & Inclusion Committee Hosts Nationally Recognized Speaker to Learn How to Overcome Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
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BGD Diversity & Inclusion Committee Hosts Nationally Recognized Speaker to Learn How to Overcome Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

BGD formed a Diversity & Inclusion Committee in 2016 at the direction of firm leadership with a mission of remaining committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace in order to attract, retain, and advance talent and to better serve our clients and community. The D&I Committee’s vision focuses on four key areas:

  • Building and maintaining a workplace culture that values diverse experiences, expertise and perspectives;
  • Better serving our clients and community with a talented team that provides exceptional counsel and service based on creative thinking and problem solving, which draws from the confluence of diversity at BGD;
  • Becoming a regional leader in diversity and inclusion within the legal industry; and
  • Becoming an innovative leader in serving our clients and community in a manner which reflect and enhances the diverse communities we serve

The committee was thrilled to bring in a nationally recognized speaker in the area of diversity, inclusion and leadership recently. Arin Reeves is an expert in the field of diversity consulting and career consulting for diverse attorneys, and her dynamic presentation brought humor to a very important topic: unconscious bias with an emphasis on generational and gender differences.

Reeves started the presentation by introducing the business case for inclusive intelligence. She discussed understanding inclusion as an integrated concept within leadership and intelligence in legal practice. We also learned why and how diverse perspectives in inclusive legal work environments lead to competitive advantages for excellence in practice, business development and client service.

Next, Reeves discussed implicit bias interruption as the difference between diversity and inclusion. She related the “inclusion” concept to work environment, personal interactions and overall excellence with an integration of generational, gender and other types of differences to highlight the power of inclusion. She also helped us understand the difference between diversity and inclusion in legal workplaces, and why it matters to excellence in practice and client service.

Finally, Reeves reviewed implicit and cognitive biases to help us understand how they impact how we interact and work with others when it comes to informal interactions, work allocation, feedback, perceptions of leadership, and more. She also focused on how implicit and cognitive biases play out in client development and service, and why it is important for legal professionals to recognize and then interrupt these biases to achieve excellence. We then learned specific strategies for integrating inclusive behaviors into personal interactions in the workplace.

To learn more about Shannon L. Williams, please visit her profile.

Pictured: Tonya Vachirasomboon, Arin Reeves and Shannon L. Williams

  • Chief Legal Talent Officer

    Shannon Williams serves as Chief Legal Talent Officer of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP. Shannon has more than 25 years of experience in attorney recruiting and professional development. She has held a broad range of leadership roles ...

  • Partner

    Tonya is the Chair of the Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group and a member of the Business Services Department.  Tonya advises businesses in meeting their strategic objectives and focuses her practice in the areas ...



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