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BGD Donates Library Materials to Teachers' Treasures
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As BGD continues its shift toward digital storage, the firm’s law library in Indianapolis is also undergoing a digital shift. During this process, hundreds of paper goods and office supplies were set aside to be donated to Teachers’ Treasures. Helpful hands filled three extra-large boxes with binders, magazine holders and other miscellaneous office equipment. The supplies were donated to Teachers’ Treasures in support of their mission to “help teachers help kids.”

Teachers’ Treasures is based in Indianapolis. They help at-risk children get the materials they need to succeed in school by providing teachers with donated education supplies for use by the students in the classroom. Since being established in 2000, Teachers’ Treasures has distributed over $27 million worth of donated school supplies to over 240 schools and more than 1700 teachers.

Thank you to everyone who helped collect and organize the supplies!

A representation of the items BGD collected to donate to Teachers’ Treasures.

Boxes filled with three-ring binders, magazine holders and other office supplies waiting to be donated.



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