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Bingham Greenebaum Doll presents "God of Carnage" - meet and greet

Bingham Greenebaum Doll is proud to present, “God Of Carnage,” at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. 

Bingham Greenebaum Doll is sponsoring this Tony Award winning dark comedy written by Yasmina Reza, which opens Mar. 2 and continues throughout the month.  “God of Carnage,” centers on the parents of two children who have recently gotten into a fight.  One child harms the other and so the parents meet to discuss what needs to be done about the situation. 

However, as the conversation unfolds about the children and their physical altercation, the focus shifts towards the parents and their own issues with marriage and each other.  Where a group of adults meet to maturely have a discussion, the characters slowly devolve into children themselves making for a hilarious time.  The IRT held a meet and greet for sponsors and friends of the theatre on Feb. 8 where everyone involved in the production would be able to discuss with the artistic leaders on the direction of the play.  Of those involved were director James Still, scenic designer Russell Metheny, costume designer Guy Clark, actors Ryan Artzberger, Tim Grimm, Shannon Holt, and Constance Macy, among others. The initial topic of the day was simply, “Why are we putting on this play?”  To put it simply, “God of Carnage,” has become a live theatre sensation, and the IRT wanted to take on the challenge themselves with their own interpretation of a world class play. 

Initially written in French and put into production overseas, the play grew enormously in popularity and has since been adapted into an English version based in New York City as well, as a movie.   

Having seen the work on Broadway, director James Still described it as a unique experience where the audience observed adults having a conversation, “when suddenly something happened – the tearing away of the civility of these people, I got sucked in.”  In a situation generated from the actions of children, the parents become increasingly more self centered, undone, and immature ending in outlandish fashion.  “We’re going to have a really good time being very, very, very bad.” The spotlight of the play is on the transformation of the four parents, and the set and costume design have been specifically tailored towards that goal.  Scenic designer Russell Metheny described the set as, “more minimalist, as to keep the focal point on the characters themselves.”  However, the environment is cultured towards the personality of the parents with warmer color tones and monotonous shelves filled with books. 

The costumes have been created in a similar manner, as each individual is wearing unique clothing to embody how they would like to be interpreted.  Alan, a high powered lawyer, is dressed in a fine business suit, whereas Veronica is dressed down in a more casual fashion. Bingham Greenebaum Doll presents, “God of Carnage,” is sure to be a gritty and hilarious interpretation of individuals coming to terms with their disagreements.  Be sure to visit the IRT website for scheduling and ticket information. 

Don’t miss out on this worldwide sensation!



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