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Can Discipline Be Mitigated by Seeking Counseling?
Posted in Litigation

An Indiana attorney was recently suspended from practice for 90 days with automatic reinstatement after admitting to four counts of misconduct, including neglecting client’s cases, failing to do the work for which he was hired, failing to respond to clients’ requests for information and failing to inform them of the status of their cases.

Additionally, the attorney improperly held client funds without placing them in a trust account and failed to completely refund unearned fees (Cause No. 64S00-1206-DI-367). In approving the agreed discipline the Court noted that the Respondent was under emotional distress as a result of his young daughter’s illness and that the attorney voluntarily sought assistance from the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program to cope with that stress. This assistance, along with the Respondent’s cooperation with the Commission, was a mitigating factor in favor of the Respondent.

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