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Central Indiana Will Experience a Boom in Skilled Tech Talent. Is Your Company Ready to Capitalize on It?

Two global companies have recently announced their plans to invest in talent in Indianapolis, providing training in tech skills to not only those in their workforce, but for the community at large. As a result, central Indiana will become more attractive as other companies seek to find in-demand talent for their workforce. Will your company be ready to dip into this talent pool?

Infosys to create $35 million education center

In April 2018, India-based Infosys and state and city leaders announced that the company will construct its Indianapolis facility at the former Indianapolis International Airport terminal and hire 3,000 workers by the end of 2023. Infosys is receiving more than $100 million in economic incentives from the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis to build the facility. The first part of construction will include a $35 million education center to train U.S. workers in the skills Infosys says are needed for the digital future. The education center is set to be completed by 2020.

The education center will not only train people to join Infosys’ workforce, but it will also be available for employees of its clients so that they can gain skills needed in today’s world. Infosys will also establish training programs for students from partnering colleges and universities in Indiana to ensure the state’s graduates are prepared to work in the growing number of tech jobs. Infosys President Ravi Kumar said that the company’s decision to construct the education center in Indianapolis was in part due to the state’s higher education institutions.  

Salesforce to launch Pathfinder Program

Just six months prior to Infosys’ announcement, San Francisco-based Salesforce Inc. announced it will launch a pilot program in Indianapolis, its largest hub outside of San Francisco, for participants of diverse backgrounds. The Pathfinder Program is a four-month program that will focus on training for software development and data management jobs at Salesforce. Salesforce is working with Deloitte on the program, which will include training on soft skills, business acumen, and effective communication skills.

The program doesn’t guarantee participants a job at Salesforce or Deloitte. However, according to Salesforce, companies across the country will hire more than 300,000 workers with the skills that this program will provide.

Both Infosys and Salesforce noted when announcing their respective training initiatives that Indiana has a booming tech scene and seeks to become the hub for innovation in the Midwest. The tech industry in central Indiana grew at a rate of 27.9% between 2013-2015, according to the state of Indiana, which is more than double the U.S. average. Forbes in 2017 ranked Indianapolis No. 5 for cities creating the most technology jobs. The not-for-profit research group in September 2017 found Indiana was ranked second in the nation for growth of software jobs. Direct software employment in Indiana grew 32 percent between 2014 and 2016.

 In June, Butler University and Kenzie Academy, a user experience and coding school in Indianapolis, announced a strategic partnership in which all Kenzie Academy graduates will obtain a joint Kenzie Academy and Butler Executive Education certificate upon completion of three Kenzie Academy programs – front-end web development, full-stack web development, and software engineering. The partnership allows students to also develop needed skills in communication, problem solving and change management. This joint effort between an established university and an alternative to traditional college is another example of how Indianapolis is preparing its workforce for the high-tech, data-driven world.

How will you capitalize on this highly-skilled workforce?

These types of training programs are beneficial for the companies running them as they will have a steady pipeline of talent that can fill roles in their workforce. Further, all Central Indiana tech companies will be able to find more skilled workers, leading to continued growth of the state’s tech scene. Tech companies looking to relocate to a new area or to expand will find Indiana more attractive due to the number of highly skilled tech workers coming out of Indiana’s existing institutions and these skill-based training programs.  

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