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Cold Cleaner Degreaser Rule Now Applies Statewide
Cold Cleaner Degreaser Rule Now Applies Statewide

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, all persons who sell or purchase solvents for use in a cold cleaner degreaser operation are required to keep the records specified in 326 IAC 8-3-8(c) including the true vapor pressure of the solvent. (The true vapor pressure is defined as “the equilibrium pressure exerted by a petroleum liquid as determined in accordance with methods described in American Petroleum institute Bulletin 2517, “Evaporation Loss from Floating Roof Tanks,” 1962.”) A purchasing invoice or a copy of the manufacturer’s recommendation for the solvents utilized may include most of the information required to be maintained by the rule.

A “cold cleaner degreaser” is defined as a tank containing organic solvent at a temperature below the boiling point of the solvent used to spray, brush, flush, or immerse an article for the purpose of cleaning or degreasing the article. Wipe cleaning activities are not considered cold cleaner degreasers.

Cold cleaner degreasers can be found within many types of businesses from a small maintenance shop to a large manufacturing operation. Cold cleaners utilized for maintenance purposes can be relatively small use petroleum solvents such as mineral spirits, and are easily overlooked.

In addition to operating requirements, the rule limits solvents used to those having volatile organic compound composite partial vapor pressure exceeding one (1) millimeter of mercury (nineteen-thousandths (0.019) pound per square inch) measured at 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

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