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Copyright, Education and the National Broadband Plan

The National Broadband Planwill have a major impact on consumers, businesses and telecommunication companies. This Thursday through Saturday, Ball State University is hosting a conference, "Digital Policy in an Information Economy," to discuss the issues surrounding the National Broadband Plan. I will have the privilege of serving on Friday’s panel, “Copyright, Education and the National Broadband Plan.” The National Broadband Plan has the potential to bring broadband access to nearly every classroom across the country. This could improve public education through e-learning and additional access to online content. But how will this impact the rights of copyright holders? The panel will address these, as well as the following issues.

  • The National Broadband Plan recommendations have been seen as rewriting U.S. Copyright Law.  How will these suggested statutory changes impact the way users, including students, access online content?
  • The RIAA recently lamented that the U.S. Copyright Law “isn’t working.”  Do the broadband recommendations contribute to the view that the U.S. Copyright Law “isn’t working”?
  • Studies show that by 2011 gaming, music, TV and other forms of video will take up 90 percent of Internet traffic, driving a demand for higher speeds.  Will this increased speed concurrently increase the potential for piracy?
  • Does the new educational copyright symbol make sense for users and owners?  Will wider access to free, web-based materials enhance U.S. education?

To learn more or to register for the conference, visit the Ball State University Digital Policy Institute web site.

If you have questions about how the National Broadband Plan may affect your business, contact the Corporate and Transactional Practice Group at Bingham Greenebaum Doll. Conference: “Digital Policy in an Information Economy" Panel: “Copyright, Education and the National Broadband Plan” Friday, October 15, 2010 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Sheraton City Centre Room, downtown Indianapolis Register online.

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