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Do Your Research: Attorney Mark Grundy explains how researching scientific concepts has helped his cases
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Attorneys at Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP are close advisors to clients with diverse challenges. Many of these diverse challenges require extensive research.  In a recent article from Louisville‘s Business First, attorney Mark Grundy explains the benefits of research and simplifying key points for each case.

In 2008, Mark settled a class-action lawsuit out of court after questioning a “scientific” claim that was posed by the opposing party.  After researching the supposed theory, Mark discovered a fault in the scientific claim, which resulted in the case being settled out of court. An excerpt from the article, published in Louisville’s Business First publication, is below.

Excerpt from “Business of Law: Lawyers translate scientific concepts in cases, research claims of opposing counsels”

“I’m a big fan of brevity,” Grundy, a partner at the firm, said. “These cases are all complex… You have to be thorough, but you really have to reduce it to the key exhibits. Otherwise, you can put people to sleep or lose them.”

On the plus side, Grundy said, federal courtrooms are highly computerized, and presenting exhibits for jurors and judges has become very simple.

To read more about the comments from Mark and his case, click here. (Subscription required)

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