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Don’t Miss “The Whipping Man” and Community Conversations at the Indiana Repertory Theatre!
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Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP proudly continues its tradition of sponsoring thought-provoking, controversial, quality theater in Indianapolis with the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s current production of “The Whipping Man.”

Playwright Matthew Lopez drops us into the nearly-destroyed, formerly-grand living room of a Richmond, Va. mansion at the very end of the Civil War. The badly wounded Caleb, scion of the prominent Virginia family who owned this mansion, returns home to find only his family’s elderly former slave, Simon. Within the first few minutes of their reunion, the audience is thrust into the contentious relationship between the two as “master” becomes “helpless boy” and “slave” becomes “savior.” The two are quickly joined by John, who grew up with Caleb. While John and Caleb grew up almost as brothers, the unstated differences in their positions set the stage for the forced reconciliation.

Over the three days they are together, we watch as these men work through the clash of race, religion, gender, class structure and individual morality in an attempt to accommodate the newly granted designation of “equality.” The path they take us on is full of unexpected complications and twists of assumed reality. You cannot help but feel the raw emotions of the three men facing a completely new world.

This is a play that you must see. It is a fresh and honest view of how our past binds us together as Americans. The production runs through March 24, with post-show Community Conversations, sponsored by Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, taking place following select shows.

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