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Eliminate Surprises; Use Caution and Care When Changing Fee Agreements
Posted in Litigation

A BGD attorney recently authored this article on changing fee agreements for The Indiana Lawyer. A preview is below. Visit The Indiana Lawyer web site for the full article.

It’s a typical case and the potential client and you have agreed to a flat fee of $10,000 for the entire representation. However, as the case trudges through the system, the case requires more work than expected. You should get paid for the extra work, right?

You awkwardly approach the client, explain the situation and ask for an additional $5,000. There is a pause and then a smile creeps across your client’s face. “Of course you can have an additional $5000!” the client exclaims. After all, the client loves you. He agrees that the case has become a bear, that you are doing an outstanding job and that you have earned even more than the requested $5,000. In fact, he is willing to give you $6,000.

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