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Get “Off the Bench” and into an Estate Plan
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I was recently interviewed by Judge John Hanley for “Off the Bench,” a community service television program of the Marion Superior Court that airs locally in Indianapolis. Judge Hanley and I discussed the opportunities and importance of using premarital, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements in estate and relationship planning.

Judge Hanley was interested in how premarital agreements could be beneficial to both spouses, and I explained that by entering into a premarital agreement, a couple could work out how assets and debts would be divided in the event of divorce. A premarital agreement is a safety net for potential splits between partners, but having one issued and signed does not necessarily mean that it will be used. It puts the power in the individuals’ hands instead of relying on the “one-size-fits-all” Indiana divorce law. 

We also discussed how premarital agreements can be amended to take into consideration the changing circumstances of the couple; these types of agreements do not have to be set in stone. Judge Hanley went on to ask about cohabitation agreements for both opposite sex and same sex partners. I explained that because the Indiana divorce law is not available to them in the event of a termination of their relationship, having a written agreement will allow the couple to carry out their intentions regarding the division of assets, obligations, rights and duties.

This was the first time the program has discussed same sex partners and how relationship and marriage planning agreements legally apply to their circumstances. “Off the Bench” offers informative and useful advice to a wide audience in central Indiana. Watch for my segment with Judge John Hanley in the coming weeks on Indianapolis’ Government TV-2 station, available through Bright House, Comcast and AT&T.

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