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ICYMI: How Labor Unions Impact College Sports and Kentucky Businesses

BGD attorney William J. Kishman discussed how the unionization of college athletes could impact both college sports and Kentucky businesses in this month’s Business First of Louisville Legal Forum Column.

His column is below. Don’t miss our monthly Legal Forum Column in your copy of Business First of Louisville!

I read that a group of Northwestern University football players are attempting to form a labor union. How could this impact college sports or other matters in Kentucky?

This is an interesting development for both sports fans and businesses. The athletes are facing an uphill battle, but could ultimately prevail. If they do, they would gain leverage to obtain paid commercial endorsements and other new benefits. Unionization could then spread quickly to other schools, as schools with unions could have a significant recruiting advantage.
For businesses, this shows how labor unions are using new techniques to increase their membership. In many ways, this resembles the “Black Friday” and “Fight for 15” protests that unions recently have been supporting. Unions hope these efforts will spread a positive message about unionization and help develop the next generation of pro-union employees.

Altogether, this shows non-union businesses how important it is to stay ready for union-organizing campaigns, as it illustrates how quickly unions can move to organize even historically non-union industries.

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