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In Case You Missed It: Prenuptial agreements can be tricky
Posted in Estate Planning

I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation regarding premarital agreements as part of a Continuing Legal Education seminar for Indianapolis Bar Association. Alongside co-presenter Marvin H. Mitchell, a partner with Mitchell Dick Hurst & McNelis LLC, I was able to discuss the importance of drafting effective premarital agreements and the issues that sometimes can occur. Unlike many may think, premarital agreements are not fair and they often are not intended to be.

As part of the seminar, we discussed the importance of recognizing that premarital agreements should be clear and concise, as many premarital agreements are closely scrutinized in a judicial setting. It is best to assume that the agreement will be challenged and your file will be reviewed. We also examined topics such as “throw away marriages,” first marriages, and premarital agreements for second and third generation wealthy families. 

Premarital agreements can get tricky, but when drafted correctly are useful planning tools especially for long-term needs. From young professionals, entrepreneurs and even couples with a distinct age gap, premarital agreements can better serve both parties involved when the two strive for fairness.

To learn more about our premarital discussions, visit this article on The Indiana Lawyer website.

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