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In Case You Missed It - WRTV6 Interview with Christel DeHaan
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On behalf of Bingham Greenebaum Doll, I would like to recognize our good friend Christel DeHaan on her dedication to the Indianapolis educational community and the recent story that aired on WRTV6 recognizing her exemplary work. A preview of the story and video interview is below. Thank you, Christel, for sharing your passion with Indianapolis. We are proud to support your efforts!

Excerpt from “DeHaan Pushes Children To Succeed: Woman's Philanthropy Helps Thousands Of Children”

The name of Christel DeHaan has become nearly synonymous with timeshares and travel, but she has left her mark on central Indiana by helping change the face of education in Indianapolis.

DeHaan has been retired for years, but she's been heavily involved in philanthropic work in central Indiana and worldwide, RTV6's Chris Pisano reported.

DeHaan has a passion for helping children learn. The Christel House Academy in Indianapolis is one of six schools aimed at helping children succeed.

"I do (love children)," she said. "You want good things to happen to all people, but most important to children, who are the future, who have their whole life in front of them.”

Click here to continue reading and view Christel's interview.

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