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Indiana Sees Growth in Start-Up Funding

Indiana, in particular the Indianapolis region, is drawing the attention of private equity firms and venture capitalists from around the country.  The city, with a growing industry focus in technology and healthcare, as well as a variety of local start-ups, is well positioned to not only peak the interests of these funding organizations, but to create investment opportunities that will draw in a variety of investors.

Recently, Frontier Capital, a North Carolina based private equity firm, announced a targeted interest in Indianapolis.  Having invested $22 Million in an Indianapolis based health care IT company in 2012, and an additional $40 Million in a local HR-software company in 2015, Frontier is confident that additional opportunities are available in this market.  So confident that Frontier has hired a Midwest director of business development to focus on Indianapolis and other Midwest cities.  Frontier is also considering meeting with companies that are smaller than their target size, but that possess the potential to grow into future investment opportunities.

Highlighting the potential for emerging startups, Rise of the Rest will be stopping in Indianapolis on October 12.  Rise of the Rest will stop in five cities on this tour.  During their time in Indianapolis the tour will visit local startups, meet with community innovators, policy and business leaders, and host an event celebrating the startups in the city.  Steve Case, a renowned venture capitalist, will also host a pitch competition and award $100,000 to a local startup.  All of the events on the tour are free to the public, and additional information can be found at



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