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IndyBar Diversity Fair: How to Find the Right Culture Fit 

The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair is August 6th-7th at the Hilton Indianapolis, and a big part of finding the right job is finding the right culture fit for you. BGD’s Janeia Brounson and Shannon Williams sat down to discuss the importance of finding the right culture on your job hunt.

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Why did you choose BGD?

Janeia: I chose BGD because of the atmosphere. The firm has an open-door policy. I was able to ask for help and not feel afraid and if one person could not help me, they would point me in the direction of someone that could help me.

BGD has made a strong commitment to diversity. How has that shaped your mission as Chief Legal Talent Officer at the Firm?

Shannon: Diversity and inclusion is part of every important strategic decision I make in my role as Chief Legal Talent Officer.  It is also a core component of our Firm culture. My role includes overseeing all aspects of the Firm’s hiring initiatives.  That includes everything from hiring summer associates to lateral partner hiring. Identifying and hiring top talent is critical to ensure that we continue to best serve our clients’ needs.  Another critical component of my role is associate relations which includes retention of talent, training and development, and the annual review and compensation process. Again, diversity and inclusion is a key component to each of those areas of responsibility.  

Describe life after graduation from law school.

Janeia: Life after graduation is similar to law school. It’s as if the three years of law school is condensed into ten weeks and there is one large final exam. At times it is stressful but it’s an opportunity that many do not get.

What questions do you feel should be asked of an interviewer at a firm in an interview?


  • What differentiates your from other law firms?
  • Why did you choose your firm?
  • What keeps you at your Firm?
  • What is the culture of your Firm?
  • What separates good summer associates from poor performers?
  • Provide an example of why a summer associate would not get an offer to return to the Firm.

What was your job search experience like?

Janeia: My job search experience was a typical law school experience. I participated in OCI’s and job fairs. Every job posting that was sent to me I applied for during my first year of law school. I was lucky to obtain a job with BGD during the beginning of my second semester of my first year and received an offer to come back for a second summer and ultimately received a job offer.

Discuss your preparation for the bar. Do you feel you were well prepared? What do you find is the most difficult part of your preparation? 

Janeia: As I am preparing for the bar, I feel the most difficult part is finding a balance between following the tasks your course set and what worked for the individual during law school. The bar courses are very knowledgeable concerning how to prepare for the bar however, everyone learns differently so it is important to know when switch gears and do what is best for the individual.

The Indianapolis Bar Association's Diversity Job Fair will take place on August 6-7 at the Hilton Indianapolis. For more details, visit their website.

  • Associate

    Janeia is an attorney in the Firm's Business Services Department.

    Prior to law school, Janeia worked for the Hartford Insurance Group as a claims adjuster, speaking with customers and claimants to obtain evidence to critically ...

  • Chief Legal Talent Officer

    Shannon Williams serves as Chief Legal Talent Officer of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP. Shannon has more than 25 years of experience in attorney recruiting and professional development. She has held a broad range of leadership roles ...



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