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IndyBar Diversity Fair: IU Law Alums Discuss Favorite Classes, Experiences, and How Their Education Helped Them Transition into Big Law

There is no shortage of IU attorneys at BGD! IU McKinney alum Ali Bartlett Miranda and IU Maurer alum Alex Gude talk about their experiences at their alma-maters and their transition into big law ahead of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

Alex Gude discusses his experience at IU Maurer.

Did you participate in any career fairs or mock interviews on campus when you were there?

Ali Bartlett Miranda: I did go through on-campus interviews at one point for a summer associate position, which is how I wound up here at BGD. I was also pretty involved with the Student Bar Association and the career fair that they put on, so yeah, I definitely took part in those things.

In what way did the diversity of your school help you to keep an open mind on different perspectives and ideas?

Ali: I was pretty involved in the law school. I was a part of the Student Bar Association, the Dean’s Student Advisory Board and I was the president of a separate association.

I think that McKinney places a lot of emphasis on diversity, and being involved in school leadership, you can really see that. I mean our leadership at the school was extremely diverse, from a student perspective and from a faculty perspective. For me, I think it just helps to translate into a firm environment where there such a large emphasis on diversity. It just makes for a better learning environment for everyone.

Is there resource that you wish you would have taken better advantage of when you were a student at McKinney?

Ali: I think a lot of students don't take advantage of having their writing reviewed. They offer a lot of resources for legal writing and I think I could have taken better advantage of that. Legal writing is so important and something that you use throughout your career.

What do you wish you would have learned more about throughout the course of your legal education?

Ali: I was an evening student, so I had the opportunity to be working at the state legislature for half of my law school career and at a couple of different firms lobbying, and the last year I was here at BGD lobbying. One thing that most law schools could do a better job of is incorporating real world experiences. I’m a little biased on this, but I think there should be more of an emphasis placed on the importance and understanding of governmental processes and how state-level government works, because it’s so important to an attorney’s career in a lot of ways once you get out of school.

The Indianapolis Bar Association's Diversity Job Fair will take place on August 6-7 at the Hilton Indianapolis. For more details, visit their website.

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