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IndyBar Diversity Fair: What Law Firms Look for in Applicants

There are many components that go into hiring an applicant. At the heart of many of those decisions is the BGD Recruiting Committee. Recruiting Committee Co-Chairs Melissa Norman Bork and Meg Christensen talk about what they think makes the best applicant for a job at a law firm ahead of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

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What is the best way to prepare for an interview with a law firm?

Meg: Some people will print out common interview questions and write out their answers. For me, this wasn’t ever very helpful because you’re never going to be able to memorize questions and answers. I think it’s more helpful to answer the question in the mirror, or even take a video to try to figure out what your mannerisms are beforehand.

What are the best ways a law student can network with a law firm?

Melissa: Don't be afraid to utilize any connection that you have. Even if you don't, if you just reach out to someone and say you’re interested in their law firm and in knowing more about it. Invite them to coffee or lunch. There have been people who work at BGD now who did that with me while they were interviewing, and I was very flattered and open to talking with them.

What is your advice for job interview attire?

Meg: You want some sort of professional, sleek look. I always tell people, you get one “thing.” If you’re a man you can have slightly longer hair or a well-manicured beard, but don’t have both. If you’re a woman, you can have open toed shoes, but don’t also wear a sleeveless shirt. When you use more than one, you start to distract from your talent.

BGD has made a strong commitment to diversity. How has that that commitment shaped your mission in serving on the recruiting committee?

Melissa: I think I am the first chair the recruiting committee that’s been a female since I’ve worked for the Firm. Personally, it’s very meaningful and impactful for me that I’m in this position. While diversity now isn’t necessarily thought of as gender diversity, gender is still very much a part of it. So in terms of diversifying the practice, everybody has something different to bring to the table. Any law firm, including ours, does itself a great disservice if it does not take the time to recognize those differences and how those things can make our practice better.

The Indianapolis Bar Association's Diversity Job Fair will take place on August 6-7 at the Hilton Indianapolis. For more details, visit their website.

  • Melissa Norman  Bork

    Melissa is the Co-Chair of the Business Litigation Practice Group and Co-Chair of the Firm’s Recruiting Committee.  Her practice focuses on commercial and tort litigation, including contract and commercial disputes, product ...



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