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I recently had the opportunity to be featured by as part of a weekly photo series featuring professionals and their office space.

My office happens to be filled with not only my legal work but also with special pieces of artwork I have collected over the years. As part of the feature, I was able to put a story behind some of the pieces displayed in my office.

As my collection of art has continuously grown throughout the years, I have taken quite an interest in Indiana artists. My personal collection features a variety of differently styled paintings, sculptures and print from well-known Indiana artists.

One of the pieces featured in the online gallery was one of my very first paintings that I purchased from a man named William Burton Lawson. I first met Lawson when he was working for a furniture company. Lawson and a crew of young men were one day delivering a piece to my house when I noticed he seemed to take a particular interest in the art strung throughout my home. At the time I had a modest amount of art by a local group of impressionist painters known as The Hoosier Group. Seeming intrigued by the plein-air style of painting, he insisted that he; himself was an artist who practiced plein-air. As a student at the Herron School of Art and Design, he requested I look at his portfolio and attend an upcoming show where his work would be up for sale.

I ended up purchasing a plein-air piece featuring a set of railroad tracks. The painting turned out to be the very first of many pieces I would own by Lawson. I now have over 20 pieces of his work as part of my collection and have been able to watch his art evolving over time.

Other pieces of work displayed in my office include paintings by other Indiana artists, a sculpture of my youngest daughter crafted by my oldest daughter, framed postcards and even a doodle from a former colleague.

Although the only art I personally dabble in is in my legal work, my awareness of local artists has somehow allowed me to take on the role as the firm’s art curator.  As the firm has grown and transformed, so have the pieces of art featured throughout the firm. It has been my interest to create a décor in the firm’s Indianapolis office that portrays the work of living Indiana artists. In the lobby, conference rooms and hallways, visitors will find an array of different pieces that will create conversation, require a closer look and might even invoke a new way of thinking.

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    Jim Reed has concentrated his practice in the legal aspect of relationship transitions of all types since graduating from law school. He has been involved in divorce cases with some of the largest marital estates in Indiana. He ...



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