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Interrogations: Indiana to Provide More Safeguards; SCOTUS Takes Some Away
Posted in Litigation

Bingham Greenebaum Doll attorney Meaghan Klem and James J. Bell recently authored this article on interrogation procedures for The Indiana Lawyer.  A preview is below.  Visit The Indiana Lawyer web site for the full article.

The effective date of Rule 617 of the Indiana Rules of Evidence is only a couple of weeks away.  Rule 617 provides procedural safeguards for suspects in “Custodial Interrogation in a Place of Detention.”  Rule 617 prohibits the admission of a statement of a defendant “[i]n a felony prosecution, . . . unless an Electronic Recording of the statement was made, preserved, and is available at trial.”  While this Rule has several exceptions, its safeguards provide assurances that evidence of a suspect’s statements will be accurate when admitted at trial.

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