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James Reed Discusses Hot Topics in Relationship Law on Popular ‘Pete the Planner’ Radio Show
Posted in Estate Planning

I am thrilled to be the new regular guest on Peter Dunn’s radio show, “The Pete the Planner Show.”  Pete’s show airs on WIBC-FM 93.1 on Sundays in Indianapolis from 10 a.m. to noon.  Pete is an award winning media personality and author on all matters financial. His radio show features “Practical Money Advice for Real People.”

During my first appearance on the radio show yesterday, I discussed key provisions of Indiana’s divorce law concerning alimony and property division. There has been a great deal of discussion in the national media on Florida’s move to terminate permanent alimony, and while Indiana does not have alimony laws similar to Florida and other states, the topic led to a discussion of practical advice for divorcing couples.

During the second segment of my appearance on the show, Pete and I discussed Indiana’s laws regarding cohabitating couples – same sex and opposite sex couples. Pete was surprised by how differently cohabitating couples are treated compared to married couples under our laws. Consistent with the theme of Pete’s show and overall message, couples need to engage in planning regarding their legal and financial matters.

I’m looking forward to being on Pete’s radio show again in the future and talking about how the law intersects with all of us in our daily lives. Tune your radio to WIBC-FM 93.1 or listen live on each Sunday to hear Pete discuss the topics of the day. Additionally, if you would like to hear past audio podcasts of Pete’s show, visit his website or search “Pete the Planner” in the iTunes Store.

To learn more about James Reed and his practice, visit his profile.

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    Jim Reed has concentrated his practice in the legal aspect of relationship transitions of all types since graduating from law school. He has been involved in divorce cases with some of the largest marital estates in Indiana. He ...



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