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James Reed Discusses How Lawyers Get Paid on ‘Pete The Planner’ Radio Show
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I recently was invited back to be a part of Peter Dunn’s “Pete the Planner Show” to talk about how lawyers get paid. I am pleased to be a regular guest on Pete’s show, which airs on WIBC-FM 93.1 on Sundays in Indianapolis from 10 a.m. to noon.

My previous discussions with Pete have consisted of key provisions of Indiana’s divorce law concerning alimony and property division, as well as Indiana’s laws regarding cohabitating couples – same sex and opposite sex couples.  You can catch up by reading the blog post on those topics here

Last Sunday’s conversation aimed to demystify the different ways lawyers charge for their services. The process of hiring a lawyer can be confusing, but we broke it down by speaking about fixed fees, monthly retainers, deposited retainers, hourly billing and contingency fees. You can learn more by listening to my segment in this blog post on Pete’s website.

I’m looking forward to being on Pete’s radio show again in the future – we may even discuss the ways people go cheap on trying to hire an attorney and how that could end up hurting them in the end. Tune in to WIBC-FM 93.1 or listen live on each Sunday to hear Pete discuss the topics of the day. Additionally, if you would like to hear past audio podcasts of Pete’s show, visit his website or search “Pete the Planner” in the iTunes Store.

  • James  Reed

    Jim Reed has concentrated his practice in the legal aspect of relationship transitions of all types since graduating from law school. He has been involved in divorce cases with some of the largest marital estates in Indiana. He ...



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