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Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Personnel Changes

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet has seen several key personnel changes over the past month.

The Division for Air Quality, the Division of Waste Management, and the Division of Water have recently appointed new assistant directors. Additionally, the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection has announced his retirement.

Sean Alteri Appointed Assistant Director of Division for Air Quality

Sean Alteri, an 11-year veteran of the Division for Air Quality (DAQ), will assume the position of Assistant Director of DAQ effective December 16, 2008. During his tenure at DAQ, he has served as an Environmental Engineer Assistant in both the Permit Review and Emissions Inventory Sections and Environmental Control Supervisor for the Regulation Development Section in the Program Planning Branch. Most recently, he served as Environmental Control Manager of the Technical Services Branch.

Tim Hubbard Appointed Assistant Direct of Division of Waste Management

Effective November 3, 2008, Tim Hubbard was appointed Assistant Director of the Division of Waste Management. Mr. Hubbard is a veteran of the Division of Waste Management, having previously worked in the Superfund Branch.

Peter Goodmann Appointed Assistant Director of Division of Water

On November 16, 2008, Peter Goodmann was appointed Assistant Director of the Division of Water. Goodmann has worked at the Division for 15 years, having served as the Groundwater Branch Manager for 10 years, and managing both the Groundwater Branch and the Watershed Branch for the past 2 years.

Bruce Scott, Commissioner of Department of Environmental Protection, Retires

Bruce Scott, currently Kentucky's Commissioner of Environmental Protection, will retire from state government effective December 31, 2008, ending a long career at the Cabinet. At this point, there is no word on who will replace Mr. Scott as Commissioner.

If you have any questions concerning these or other recent changes at the Energy and Environment Cabinet, or any other environmental matters, please contact a member of Greenebaum's Environmental and Natural Resources Team.

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