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Lessons in Indiana’s New Lobbying Law: Reporting expenditures large and small
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In this series, Bingham Greenebaum Doll attorney Phil Sicuso provides examples of how Indiana’s new lobbying laws may impact executives, lobbyists and legislators. In 2010, the state legislature overhauled Indiana’s lobbying laws to include new provisions for reporting gifts and expenditures, as well as assigning higher dollar limits to non-compliance fines. Each week, we will highlight a fictional scenario involving an imaginary company named “IndyCo” to demonstrate common circumstances that could lead to violations of both old and new provisions of the law.

The scenario

In August of 2011 the CFO of IndyCo has an informal lunch with the Chairman of an important Indiana Senate committee. The CFO explains how certain provisions of the Indiana Code have hurt IndyCo’s bottom line and asks for support in changing the law in order to avoid lay-offs. The CFO pays for the Chairman’s $20 lunch and expenses it to IndyCo. 

Reporting expenditures large and small

As a result of the 2010 changes, Indiana law now requires a lobbyist to report each expenditure or gift to a particular legislative person “that equals fifty dollars ($50) or more in one (1) day, or . . . that together total more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250) during the calendar year.” In the above scenario, even though the CFO’s $20 lunch with the Chairman does not itself qualify for reporting, it is imperative that IndyCo keep track of the expenditure for purposes of the cumulative calendar year requirement. As soon as the $250 threshold is reached for any particular legislative person, all component expenditures for that person must be reported, regardless of size. If you have questions about Indiana’s overhauled lobbying laws and what they might mean for your lobbying activities, please contact Philip Sicuso at (317) 968-5541 or at To learn more about the Bingham Greenebaum Doll Legislative Conference or to register, visit Catch the next post in our series next week.



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