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Local startup company PatentStatus wins Startup America Competition

Bingham Greenebaum Doll is proud to congratulate PatentStatus for winning the 2012 Startup America competition held in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. PatentStatus was one startup among five other competitors vying for the grand prize, tickets to the big game, and more importantly, press coverage and meetings with major influencers and potential clients. Partner Dan Boots assisted PatentStatus through the legal issues of offering online services and streamlining the process, as well as securing a beta test site for its product. 

PatentStatus provides virtual patent marketing software for websites that allows organizations to transition from the traditional forms of marking their products with applicable patent information to a new virtual marking format made available under the recent America Invents Act (AIA), passed into law in Sept. 2011. The AIA was the most important reformation of the U.S. patent statute since its original enactment in 1952. PatentStatus then assists clients in managing the data by not only publishing the patent information to the desired website and tracking all the changes and updates for future reference, but also how their patents relate to and protect each of their products.

For companies who do not wish to implement a virtual marking system, PatentStatus’s core software still offers a way to track which patents protect which products so they can make sound business decisions about their patent coverage strategy, including paying maintenance fees or exploring licensing and sales opportunities. PatentStatus offers their services from the cloud and at a significant discount to the current practice. Founder and CEO James Burns was also recently asked to introduce Mayor Ballard for his State of the City Address in April. The Address was held at Developer Town, a local venture development company on Indianapolis’s north side that currently houses several other tech companies.

PatentStatus represents one of Indianapolis’s small business startups in the growing technology sector, and Burns spoke briefly on the importance of supporting entrepreneurial ventures such as his own in the City, State, and Country. To view PatentStatus’ entry video for the Startup America Competition Indianapolis, click here, or learn more about virtual patent marketing on the PatentStatus website. Congratulations!    

  • Daniel L. Boots

    Dan is a senior partner of the Intellectual Property and Technology (IP&T) group (former chair 1997-2009), concentrating his practice on counseling emerging and established businesses in all areas of intellectual property and ...



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