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Looking for Capital? Chinese Firms are Investing in U.S. Companies

Indiana businesses looking for capital may want to consider pursuing Chinese investors.

In 2010, Chinese firms invested more than $5 billion in the U.S. Over the next decade, Chinese investors are expected to provide as much as $2 trillion in foreign direct investment. According to a recent Asia Society special report, a number of factors, including exchange rate appreciation and firm-level competition, are driving Chinese firms to “look abroad for deeper market penetration, service provision opportunities, and technology and skills that can give them a competitive edge.” The report also found that upcoming foreign direct investments from Chinese firms are expected to be across a variety of industries. This is in contrast to other Asian economies that have been looking for hi-tech investments. Recent Chinese foreign direct investment has focused on manufacturing, natural resources and trade facilitation. Future investments are expected to grow into additional areas such as logistics, technology, financial services and infrastructure.    

There are many resources available to Indiana businesses looking to find Chinese investors. For example, at the state level the Indiana Economic Development Corporation has a trade office in Beijing, where staff are able to facilitate connections. At the local level, the Columbus Economic Development Board operates a trade office in Shanghai to bring direct investment into the Columbus area. Business owners looking for more resources on how to build an overseas network and identify potential investors can also turn to the America China Society of Indiana (ACSI). ACSI is a not-for-profit organization that promotes cooperative business, trade and investment opportunities between Indiana and China. ACSI also works with state and local economic development offices to help businesses throughout the investment process. For more information on Chinese investments, contact the Corporate and Transactional Practice Group at Bingham Greenebaum Doll.



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