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Need Tickets? Indy Scalping Regulation Makes Getting Tickets More Difficult
Posted in Litigation

On Monday, August 15, the Indianapolis City County Council passed an ordinance requiring ticket scalpers to obtain a license from the city to sell tickets within one mile of an event.  While this may make it more difficult for event-goers to find tickets, the ordinance is aimed at preventing consumer fraud when scalpers sell fake or counterfeit tickets.

While the ordinance is required by the National Football League in order to host the Super Bowl, it will remain in effect after the game in 2012.  Therefore, the ordinance will affect scalpers wanting to sell tickets for, among others events, Pacers, Colts and Big Ten basketball games in the city in the coming years.

The ordinance only applies to scalpers on the street who are selling tickets within one mile of the event.  It will require ticket sellers to obtain a yearly license from the City’s Office of Code Enforcement for $57.  The new regulation does have exceptions for those with permission to resell tickets from the event organizer or those who resell the tickets at fifteen percent of face value or less.

So while the bad news is it will be more difficult to find tickets for sale on the street, the good news is there will be fewer scalpers harassing visitors.  For businesses, the ordinance is a welcome change as online event ticket firms will likely benefit from additional sales that are no longer taking place on the street.

The ordinance must still be signed into law by the Mayor.  If signed, the ordinance would become effective within thirty to forty-five days.

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