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New Law Restricts Access to Criminal Records
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Bingham Greenebaum Doll attorney Alex Gude and James J. Bell recently authored an article for The Indiana Lawyer on a new law resulting from the latest Indiana General Assembly session that could help non-violent offenders shield some of their conviction records from the public and potential employers. A preview is below. Visit The Indiana Lawyer website for the full article.

There is a misconception among even the most educated of criminal clients that arrests, charges and convictions disappear off of one’s Indiana criminal record after a passage of time. This is not the case. Unlike other states’ expungement laws that allow the expungement of records after a period of good behavior, Indiana’s expungement laws can be unforgiving and generally preserve arrest and conviction records so that an arrestee’s great grandchildren can have a memento of their ancestor’s alleged and/or proven mischief. Read the full article>>

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