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Outside of the firm, attorney Buck Wiseman embraces a different kind of hobby
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Attorney Buck Wiseman has another passion aside from law: the sport of beagling. A tradition that has existed for more than 200 years and in the Louisville area for 100, beagling consists of a pack of 25 to 30 beagles following a scent (usually a rabbit) for up to 90 minutes or more.  Buck is the only huntsman of the Clear Creek Beagles, the only pack in Kentucky recognized by the National Beagle Club and Clear Creek Beagles in Kentucky. While on a hunt, Buck controls the pack by using voice commands, hand gestures and a horn if the pack spreads out too far. To learn more about beagling, read the following excerpt from an article published in Louisville’s Business Firstabout Buck and his beagles.

Excerpt from “Business of Law: Buck Wiseman carries on hunting tradition with Clear Creek Beagles”

He sees parallels between beagling and law. “To be a good lawyer, you have to be able to read people. And to hunt a pack of hounds, you have to read the body language of hounds. To practice law, you have to be good at strategy. It’s the same with hounds — you have to think ahead of where you are. What’s over the next hill? How do I want to approach it?”

The beagling season runs September to April with a hunt on most Sundays. “It’s a wonderful walk in the country,” Wiseman said.

To read more about Buck and his beagles, click here. (Subscription required)



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